The Benefits

Rolfing can bring relief of chronic stress, tension and pain, including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and joint restrictions, hip, knee and ankle problems, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, plantarfascitis, tendonitis, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder

You’ll enjoy better posture and flexibility with improved coordination and balance. Athletes can realize improved performance; and everyone will experience enhancements to and shortened recovery time from injuries and trauma. Psychological and emotional growth will result from the released burdens, fomenting greater body awareness and all that brings with it. More...

Quote In any energy system, however complicated, structure (relationship of units of any size in space) is experienced as behavior. Structure is behavior. Unquote

                    - Ida P. Rolf

Mark Swan, Certified Rolfer

BalanceMark graduated from Dartmouth College in 2003 with a degree in International Relations. At Dartmouth Mark played for the baseball team as a starting pitcher and he still enjoys an active lifestyle. Whether he is either playing basketball, tennis, paddle tennis, or especially golf where plays to a single digit handicap, Mark incorporates his movement knowledge to achieve efficient body mechanics with greater results and less effort.

Mark Swan is Craig’s son and has been exposed to Rolfing since he was a young boy. He first went through the series at the Rolf Institute as a class model at six years of age and has continued to receive bodywork throughout his life. Mark teaches these mechanics and explains how improper use of the body leads to chronic tension and fatigue.

Healing the Structure -photo by garythephotographerShortly after graduation Mark began his training at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated in 2006 and has been Rolfing in Greenwich for the last two years. Mark’s knowledge of body mechanics and the golf swing gives him a unique ability to work with golfers.

To start with, Mark will be able to physically release the shortened tissues that make a smooth swing impossible.

Secondly, Mark will teach his clients a proper set up to the ball and talk to his clients about why good posture and balance are so vital to the swing.

photo by garythephotographer