The Benefits

Rolfing can bring relief of chronic stress, tension and pain, including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and joint restrictions, hip, knee and ankle problems, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, plantarfascitis, tendonitis, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder

You'll enjoy better posture and flexibility with improved coordination and balance. Athletes can realize improved performance; and everyone will experience enhancements to and shortened recovery time from injuries and trauma. Psychological and emotional growth will result from the released burdens, fomenting greater body awareness and all that brings with it. More...

Quote The human body is not static; it’s plastic, and that plastic quality enables a person’s body to be realigned into a more optimally functioning and feeling human being. Rolfing accomplishes that realignment. Unquote

                            - Ida P. Rolf

Craig Swan On Rolfing® | A Video In Three Parts

Mets Weekly's Julie interviews Craig SwanHere we present our edited video of Craig's appearance on the Mets Weekly series. The crew visited Craig at the Natural Medicine and Wellness Center in Old Greenwich, CT.

In this video, (which we've cut into 3 parts for the web), Julie interviews Craig about his Rolfing practice and gets Rolfed in the process!

Craig touches on many, many aspects of Rolfing during the 35 minutes and delves into how he became a Rolfer, Rolfing's essence, its main goal and benefits, scientific proof of how and why it works, the nature of the fascial tissue, (the main culprit), how it can help everyone enjoy their lives better, not just athletes, what it was like to Rolf Tom Seaver and Ivan Lendl... and lots more good stuff on top of that, too.

Also, there is for your pleasure a fascinating interview with Craig by Jimmy Scott on his popular High & Tight baseball podcast.

• Craig Swan On Rolfing - Part 1          10:05

• Craig Swan On Rolfing - Part 2          10:54

• Craig Swan On Rolfing - Part 3          14:00

The Craig Swan Interview on Jimmy Scott’s High & Tight Podcast            51:42

Dave Philp interviewed Craig for Jimmy Scott’s High & Tight baseball podcast recently. Everyone had a great time and you’re just about to. To quote from the site...

Quote from Jimmy Scotts High and Tight [...] He’s helped thousands of patients get through pain and fatigue and live better lives.

Craig Swan: Making Lives Better, One Day At A Time.

If that’s all Craig had ever done, then that would have been a great byline for his practice.  He’s done more than Rolfing, however, and you know it.  Craig pitched.  And what a pitcher he was. [...]  Unquote

This is a wonderful interview that mixes great music, baseball and Rolfing in a way that we just know you’re going to enjoy. Laugh and learn with Craig Swan...

Thank you for watching, listening and learning.