The Benefits

Rolfing can bring relief of chronic stress, tension and pain, including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and joint restrictions, hip, knee and ankle problems, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, plantarfascitis, tendonitis, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder

You’ll enjoy better posture and flexibility with improved coordination and balance. Athletes can realize improved performance; and everyone will experience enhancements to and shortened recovery time from injuries and trauma. Psychological and emotional growth will result from the released burdens, fomenting greater body awareness and all that brings with it. More...

Quote Anyone can take a body apart; it takes a Rolfer to put one together. Unquote

                    - Ida P. Rolf

Healing the Structure -photo by garythephotographerGreenwich Rolfing’s Staff

Caring, professionalism and a deep knowledge of human anatomy and the way the body’s mechanics work characterize the staff of Greenwich Rolfing.

Helping you achieve a greater balance and relieving you of the pain caused by stress and misalignment of the body's structure due to myo-fascial issues, while providing an education in maintaining the results is what we're all about.

Mark Swan, Certified Rolfer

...Mark is Craig’s son and has been exposed to Rolfing since he was an infant. He first went through the series at the Rolf Institute at 6 years of age and has been receiving bodywork most of his life. In high school, Mark was an outstanding basketball and baseball player. He continued to play baseball at Dartmouth where he received his degree in 2002...  Learn more about Mark.

Craig Swan, Certified Rolfer

...He started his training in 1985 at the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration and has been practicing in Greenwich, Connecticut since 1987. Over his 20+ years of doing this work Craig has helped people with a multitude of problems with Dr. Rolf’s simple idea and statement in mind — “that compression is the main source of pain.”...  Learn more about Craig.

See the video we made of Craig speaking about Rolfing!

photo by garythephotographer